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PsychedelicsEUROPE is an association for innovative mental health that brings together leading research centres, NGOs and private companies. Our goal is to promote EU regulatory framework that would foster well-being of the EU citizens. Based on the latest scientific evidence, we advocate for a legislation that supports cutting-edge research on psychedelic substances and their efficient use in therapies.

The use of psychedelics in mental health treatment has been formalized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and receives a growing support of public health authorities in other countries (i.e. Canada).


Unfortunately, the EU currently lacks harmonised rules for medicinal use of psychedelic substances. This situation impedes the efficient use of the healing potential of psychedelics by healthcare professionals and researchers. It also hampers a development of a new and innovative industry and manufacturing sector in Europe.


PsychedelicsEurope wants to change the state of play in Europe and contribute to the new paradigm where the EU acts as a trendsetter and the global regulatory benchmark in the field of medicinal use of psychedelic substances.

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