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MEP Action for the Medical Use of Psychedelics is a cross-party platform on psychedelic medicines in the European Parliament. The MEP AG was established in May 2023 and the secretariat is jointly provided by PsychedelicsEUROPE and PAREA.


  • Serve as an educational resource and platform for EU policymakers to increase awareness of evidence-based psychedelic science and decrease associated stigma.

  • Promote pan-European scientific cooperation and best practices at the EU Member State level.

  • Organize periodic meetings and issue policy recommendations.

  • Foster EU-funded research to meaningfully increase the scientific and clinical evidence supporting the safe, effective, and efficient use of psychedelic medicines.

  • Safeguard optimal care and safety for patients while promoting meaningful engagement of people with lived experience.

  • Ensure that the development of psychedelic treatments is guided by public health benefit.

  • Advocate for a harmonized EU policy and regulatory framework for psychedelic therapies and a predictable environment for both patients and providers.

  • Provide input to ongoing legislative discussions and negotiations in the EP.

  • Promote drug policies based on scientific evidence and human rights to remove the barriers weighing on the scientific research of psychedelics and accelerate access.

  • Make Europe an innovation leader and a global regulatory benchmark in this area.


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